A reprint of the EU Capitals book

Rockspring, a UK-based real estate investment company, wanted to celebrate its 30 years with a fitting gift to their business relationships. I was happy to be able to help them with a bespoke reprint of the book I produced in 2009 on the (then) 27 capital cities of the European Union. The book's design remained unchanged but Rockspring settled on a slightly different selection of photos. 300 copies were ordered. As in 2009 I relied on Eddie Ephraums's skills in book production and printing to get the job done. 

Later Rockspring purchased 18 images from the Capitals portfolio to embellish the meeting rooms in their newly renovated London headquarters. 

Workshops with Lorenzo Castore and Anders Petersen

In the spring I spent two stimulating weeks in the company of great photographers. Lorenzo Castore I met back in 2007 when he tutored me during a photo workshop in Tuscany. That week taught me a lot and it took me a couple of years to let the experience sink in.

I was happy to reconnect with him during a workshop in Catania (Sicily) during the religious festival of Sant'Agata. This is an extraordinary time to be in this city as tens of thousands of people pour into the streets to worship its patron saint. In this workshop Lorenzo invited me to focus on portraiture, more particularly on 'taking portraits as landscapes'. It was a very intense experience. 

In March I joined Anders Petersen, a doyen of post-war European photography, in Venice. Anders's conception of photography is humanist. A camera is a tool to enter into meaningful relationships with people, to put oneself into situations where one is longing for. The challenge was to put this motto into practice in the context Venice's overphotographed, treacherous opulence.

Both workshops were very well organized by TPW.