In pursuing my photographic activities, my aim is not to map out, to document, or to construct a narrative.

For me, a photographic project emerges simply at the intersection of two elements: a geographic location and a camera.

Geography is shorthand for a particular cultural matrix, an architecture, a landscape, a particular quality of light.

A camera is a technical artefact that triggers a particular way of moving through and looking at the visible world.

Together, camera and location create a space to liberate my photographic imagination. And the outcome of that process is always unpredictable. These portfolios are nothing more than the sediment resulting from this confrontation. 

For enquiries, please contact me directly via email. Alternatively consult the Millennium Images database where some of my images are available for editorial purposes.




philipp.vandenbroeck (at)

Leuven, Belgium

All images copyright Philippe Vandenbroeck